Geon-20 is a single photon counting module capable of detecting single photons over the wavelength range of 400 to 1100nm.
Geon-20 uses a thermoelectrically cooled avalanche photodiode with integrated temperature stabilization, with photon detection efficiency of 60% @ 780nm wavelength.
Geon-20 is equipped with an improved circuit to offer a pulse height correction module to ensure high count rate with increased optical load on the active region.
Qubitrium offers custom design options in terms of dark count, peak photon detection efficiency and afterpulsing probability to accommodate your needs.

Key Features

• Peak photon detection efficiency at 780 nm: 60% typical
• TTL Output
• Temperature stabilized
• Self-contained APD module with integrated electronics


Quantum communication
• Single molecule detection
• High throughput single photon experiments
• Photon correlation spectroscopy
• Astronomical observation
• Optical range finding
• Adaptive optics
• Ultra-sensitive fluorescence   

Geon-20 Datasheet

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